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Vision & Mission

The Brothers of the Scared Heart of Jesus- a catholic religious congregation choose to be of different make. Following in the footsteps of Jesus they went about proclaiming the good news to the poor having a chain of schools established in regions far removed from the centre, according top priority to the poor, the abandoned, the downtrodden and the marginalized. A congregation of more than 100 years standing it has acquired expertise in running educational institutions marshalling out its human and economic resources at the disposal of the needy.

The Brothers leave no stone unturned in drafting the pupils from villages and moulding them into responsible men of character and capability. Try go all out their way in providing necessary infrastructure to tone up teaching and learning. They see to it that it has been regularly upgraded to modern standards.

The disabled feel their special needs are generously taken care of. The poor feel wanted in the pulsating presence of Brothers. The youth acquire life skills sharpening their raw capabilities into responsible repository of knowledge and wisdom. Every section of the society irrespective of colour, caste and creed, gets undivided care and consideration.

Inculcating values like freedom, equality, fraternity, truth, justice the Brothers work to transform the critical conditions of the students readying them to shoulder greater responsibility in man making paving way to nation building.

To provide world class education by imparting study skills and life skills, to be a winner in the global society and to face the emerging challenges with leadership qualities including dedication and human values.

  • To ensure developing, cultural integrated global personality.goal
  • To facilitate futuristic education to compete in the unforeseen global future.
  • To create a systematic, error free and responsive administration.
  • To use resources effectively.
  • To provide effective support service to attain the vision.
  • To facilitate excellence in students, teachers and non teaching fraternity.
  • Thus be a model instruction creating cultured, committed and competent citizens.
  • The mission of Christhuraja school is to inspire and empower children to think, hope, dream, appreciate, create, innovate, integrate, excel and contribute.