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Message Of Correspondent

                     Our Christhuraja Higher Secondary School is more committed for the welfare of the children who are socially, economically and politically backward people in the society.

                     Majority of the people belong to the low caste of the society and they are very much discriminated, oppressed and neglected by the high cast people. They are not even treated as human beings. They are forced to live far away from the other caste villages. They suffer great discrimination by the society at large.

                     We are indeed happy to admit the students who live under the poverty line. In the recent years our school is also more concentrating on admitting children from Scavenger communities.

                     At present 1828 students are undergoing education and 65 teachers are working in the school. The Headmaster is looking after the administration. From the beginning of its start, there has been an enormous response from the people looking for admissions in the school and requests from the scavenging community get increased past ten years.

                     I praise the Almighty Lord and give thanks to HIM for his guidance during the past 70 years. I see the tireless efforts, hard work, Co-operation, sincere, dedication, commitment and genuine care of the staff members those who have travelled all through these 70 years

                    Our Christhuraja Hr.Sec.School has produced many personalities who are found in the top of all disciplines and walks of life with distinction. My special appreciation goes to Rev.Br.I.Arockiam SHJ Headmaster and all the staff members.


                                                                                                                       Rev.Br.S.Amalraj SHJ