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  • Eye Test Camp-23.10.2019

    Eye Test Camp-23.10.2019

                 On 23.10.2019 the eye camp was conducted by Aravind Eye Hospital and our NSS unit. All the students of our school were participated in this programme.

  • SCIENCE expo-25.10.2019

    SCIENCE expo-25.10.2019

                          On 25.10.2019 we had conducted science exhibition in our school. Our Headmaster Rev.Br.I.Arockiam.SHJ inaugurated the exhibition by cutting the ribbon. The talents of our […]

  • Provincial visit-17.10.2019

    Provincial visit-17.10.2019

                     On 17.10.2019 our Provincial superior Very Rev.Br.J.Kasmir.SHJ and our Educational co-ordinator Rev.Br.I.Arockiam.SHJ  and his team members were inspected our school teachers ability  and teaching ,learning process. End […]

  • YOUTH AWAKENING DAY-15.10.2019

    YOUTH AWAKENING DAY-15.10.2019

                                On 15.10.2019, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam birth day was celebrated as Youth awakening day by sports developement authority of tamilnadu with our […]



    நாட்டு நலப்பணித் திட்டம் கிறிஸ்துராஜா மேல்நிலைப் பள்ளி பாளையங்கோட்டை-627002 NOT ME BUT YOU NSS – SPECIAL CAMP இடம்: அருகன்குளம் – நாரணம்மாள்புரம் நாள் : 23.09.2019 முதல் 29.09.2019 வரை சிறப்பு முகாம் தொடக்க விழா தலைமை அருட்சகோ.I.ஆரோக்கியம் தி.இ. ச அவர்கள், தலைமையாசிரியர் […]

  • Hand washing day by NSS

    Hand washing day by NSS

            On 09/09/2019 Hand Washing Day was conducted in our school by our NSS unit. Our Asst.Headmaster Rev.Br.S.Jeyaseelan.SHJ headed over the function. The teacher training students explained about the importance of hand […]

  • Feast Day to Rev.Br.I.Arockiam.SHJ

    Feast Day to Rev.Br.I.Arockiam.SHJ

    The Feast day to our Headmaster Rev.Br.I.Arockiam.SHJ was celebrated in our school on 07.09.2019. Our staff Mr.Joshua paranjothi wish him through read a poem and Mr.Maria Louis honoured our Headmaster by wrapping a towel.

  • Zonal-Overall championship-2019

    Zonal-Overall championship-2019

                       Our students won the overall championship in the zonal matches held in Tirunelveli.

  • Teachers Day-2019

              On 05/09/2019 in our school we had celebrated teachers day. Our Headmaster Rev.Br.I.Arockiam.SHJ and Asst.Headmaster Rev.Br.S.Jeyaseelan.SHJ were headed over the function. All the teachers were honoured by a teachers day […]

  • Campus Cleaning by NSS

    Campus Cleaning by NSS

            On 03/09/2019 by the guidence of our Headmaster, our NSS unit cleaned our school campus after the school hours.